Yeh Fangirl Kya Hai?

Abhi ka Indian Indie Music Scene is the fucking revolution. Local pub mein bajaane wala band ho ya music festival mein, all of them are building a rich scene of homegrown, relatable and mind-blowing music. However, very few of us are aware of these incredible musicians and their beloved endeavours.

Fangirl was born out of an emotion that most of us feel when we are introduced to a piece of music that speaks to us and sweeps us off of our feet, an emotion that cannot be contained and must be shared with the world. We were disappointed by how very few of us were actively raving for our musicians from the Indian Subcontinent the way we do about those from the West, when a lot of these folks are freaking brilliant!

So we decided to write a fortnightly newsletter made with dher saara pyaar and fangirl wali harkatein for these superstars. Hum lekar aayenge andekha, ansuna and khatarnaak swadeshi music packed like a box of gulaab jamun, that is so tight, fresh and exciting that you’ll wish it were a real person and not a letter. (Well actually, it is a real person - but a faceless, excited, music-nerd friend of yours who cannot stop cracking bad jokes as s/he talks about music)

So if you've ever felt the dearth for reliable and enjoyable sources of discovering indie music of India (like we did) sign up for Fangirl and be a part of the much needed swadeshi sangeet revolution that is nigh upon Bharat. We checked with Bapu, he thinks Fangirl is dope yo!