Kaafi hoo-ha hui, lekin Udta Punjab ho hi gayi release. Woh bhi Time par - and it was worth the rage/wait kyunki independent cinema ko agar koi mainstream kar raha hai toh woh hai Anurag Kashyap <3
Waise baat hui hai time ki, toh aajkal time hi nahi kissi ke paas. And no one’s to blame. Waqt ki nazaakat hi kuch aisi ho gayi hai ki jis technology ko insan ne time bachane ke liye banaya tha wahi kambakhat saara time le rahi hai humara! Cat memes are to be blamed, says Billu Bhaiya.

Iss goofy aur frankly, kaafi lambe se khat ko har baar padhne ka time lene wale krantikariyon, tumhe kisiki nazar na lage! Har baar ki tarah iss baar bhi pesh hai handpicked cherries from the scene.

Iss baar, Teen Guna Lagaan. Kyunki bhale hi teen guna lagan kyun na bharna pade, Fangirl apni iss choti si koshish mein lagi rahegi. (Honestly for no reason but the fact that it has teen in it, but #mandatorydrama) And this time round, we have a new writer on-board. He brings to the table his superb insight of the indie scene with some gabru rappers and a drunk uncle (druncle if you may.) Iss baar ka lazeez menu pesh hai Punjab, New York, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Delhi se, ekdum isspecial!

Aao fangirling karein!

Fresh Maal

Garma-garam, right off of the kadhai

Metros ko chhod ke baaki shehron mein independent music ki haalat dekh ke Arya Stark ki yaad nahin aati? Indie Scene ki chakachaundh aur asli maahol se door kisi Braavos naam ke pradesh mein saalon tak yeh log apne bedroom studios/local pubs mein lage rehte hain. Par iss Game of Indies ka season 6 aa chuka hai doston, aur humne thaan li hai ki hum aapka aise bemisaal kalakaron se parichay karayenge, jinka sheher bhale chhota ho, par music wildfire hoga!

Sorry, dukhti nabz se haath hataate hue (GoT khatam. Lyf sux.) aaj chalte hain Ahmedabad. Haan wahi sheher jiska naam sunn ke aap aise jokes resist nahin kar paate - ‘Bro you get high on chaas LOLOL’ aur jahaan scene ka matlab kaun 'Gulabi Aankhein’ sabse zyaada feel mein gaa sakta hai. Lekin iss khandahar mein kabhi kuch sundar gulab dekhne ko mil jaate hain. Case in point - Aapna Amdavad no Protyay Chakraborty.

(Doesn't he look a little bit like Daario Naharis? KSORRYBYE ab pakka no more GoT badbad!)

Protyay’s first single ‘Ephemera’ is a great showcase of pretty much everything this super-talented 20-year old has to offer. A deep voice, prodigious violin skills, songwriting that reminds of Serj Tankian’s Armenian tunes, lyric-writing that would put veterans ki aakhon mein aansu and with ‘Ephemera’, he’s plunged into producing music. Recorded and produced in his bedroom, the song was born out of reminiscing forgotten friendships that, in the moment, seemed like they were meant to stay.

Protyay’s friend Deepti Sharma, the person behind the fascinating art for the song explains - ‘The evolution of the man into a humanoid signifies the realisation of fragility and the helplessness that comes with it. He holds a message in a bottle, but the ocean ends right in front of him’. Intensemax!

The song is carefully put together almost entirely by Protyay, barring the guitars contributed by his friend Pranav Menon. The most challenging part of the process was programming the drums, he admits. To make the song sound grand, cinematic and symphonic, he picked Taiko, a japanese drum and tuned it low, which would eventually become his kickdrum. Reverb on the snare would attribute to the flowing nature of it.
P.S. watch out for for the violin solo!

Agar ek gaane se dil nahin bhara, toh check out some swaadisht covers on Protyay's YouTube channel.

Naya EP !

Amartya Ghosh – Broken Compass

Inn dino, zindagi ho gayi hai Rajdhaani Express. Hectic weekdays aur weekend parties ki kashmakash mein waqt kaise nikla jaa raha hai, pata hi nahi chalta. Jab bill+rent bharne ka time aata hai tab realize hota hai, fuck! July aa bhi gaya!? Issi daud-bhaag bhari adult life mein, enter Amartya Ghosh and his waqt-thama-dene-wala debut EP Broken Compass!

The EP is a congregation of six mellow ballads that slow down time, put you down, give you a peck on the forehead and transcend you into an ethereal ease. This album is not meant to be listened in a hurry. It calls to be admired, caressed and loved. And it gives you back the love, most definitely. If we had to describe the album in a phrase, we’d probably call it a ‘lullaby for the lovelorn’ or perhaps ‘a companion to an afternoon of reflective nostalgia’. Listen to ‘Lovebirds at Daybreak’ or ‘Lone Dancer’ if you don’t believe us. Listen to ‘Explorers’ and ‘Letters from Annabelle’ for, I don’t know, no reason at all. Man, just listen to these beautiful songs.

Nayi Dilli ke nivaasi, Amartya has collaborated with fellow Delhi-dweller, musician and maestro Ritwik De’s Ghar Ka Studios.
to bring together this EP. Both Amartya and Ritwik add their musical prowess to bring together an EP like no other. The tracklist contains love songs, an ode to a beloved/broken guitar in 'Letters from Annabelle' and also a groovy tune in 'Anna Pavlova'. In an interview, Ghosh cites that he had to release this EP because he had too much music and it had accumulated. If this is a wardrobe cleaning act presented by him, we couldn’t imagine what specimen of epicness will be a full-fledged album.

Check out Broken Compass on Saavn.
Purchase the album on
You can follow Amartya on Facebook.

Finally, a shoutout to Siddhartha Iyer (Footprints) for the mesmerizing illustrations for each track on the album.


Your Chin - Fighting the Sumo

your chin makes music. It also holds your face in place.

With a soundcloud description as cool as that, this project has gotten us hooked aise ki na pucho baat! Raxit Tewari is the frontman of the very tight electro-rock alternative band called Sky-Rabbit, but his solo act of his is dope with baba ilaichi, agar sach kahein :D

Your Chin began with the purpose to create something more electro-pop while being experimental with synths in one’s own room. That’s it. Raxit, his Mac and Op-1 are all that go behind this catchy wonder and many others that he has been religiously putting out. We love that Raxit very openly says that his is an electro-pop act and that he doesn’t think that making pop music is a bad thing (Himesh Reshamiya lovers khush na ho. That doesn’t count.)

Fighting the Sumo ke lyrics ka saar samjhate hue Raxit ne kahaa - 'I felt at the moment that we canonize a lot of things from time to time and that they get built up pretty strangely if you step out of their shadow and stare at them.’ Hmmmmmmmmmm. Jaise ki hum - updating our Facebook statuses as a teenager/college student without a care; then one day FB very slyly throws our long-lost-status in our face like, ‘Hey! Yaad hai tum kitne chomu the? Share karo apne friends ke saath ye baat!’ In that moment, waqt tham jaata hai uss bakchodi ko acknowledge karne ke liye - woh baat jo humein kaafi sahi lagi thi kabhi ab utni hi wahiyat lagti hai. Haina? Waise this song will help you forget your old embarrassing self with its super-cool-all-made-on-powerpoint video (whaaaat are you saying duuuude! Sach mein?), sir hilaa dene wale beats aur Raxit ki shat-pratishat-anokhi aawaz. Fangirl cannot stop singing this kambakhat tune.

Zehreeli Yaadein

Nostalgia from druncle jinke khoon mein music aur old-monk behtaa hai

Beta, aaj pehli baar tumhein apni bachpan ki kahaani sunane waala hun. Hum bhi ek time pe naujawan hote the - hummein bhi josh tha. Humaare pitaji kaafi angrezi gaane suna karte the. Tumne bhi naam suna hoga - kya bolte hain - Backstreet Boys, Savage Garden aur Pink Floyd. Inn darindon ne humein toh tab se hi bigaad ke rakha tha. Matriculation mushkil se pass ho rahi thi - aur usse pehle hi hum beedi ke peeche bhaagne lage. "School kaun jaayega?” humne kaha - “Suna nahin tumne Waters saab ka eenth aur deewar waala kissa?”

Ek din Pragati Maidan ke kareeb baithe hue the. Ek aana nahin tha jeb main - par beedi peene ki badi khwahish thi. Tabhi achaanak maidan se nikle wohi darindey jinse humaare pitaji ne door rehne ko kaha tha. Sunne main aaya tha ki yeh kaali kameez pehenne waale log bahut ameer aur beedi dene ke maamle main bade hi dayaalu hote hain. Humne ek ko pakda aur bole - “ Bhaiya, ek beedi dedo?” Aur woh dekho, usne de bhi di!

Humne socha kyun na inke peeche jaake dekhen ki aakhir mein andar mamla kya chal raha hai - shaayad humein aur bhi kuch praapt ho jaaye. Andar pahunchey toh dekha ki andar kaali kameezon ka wholesale mela laga hua tha. Aur yeh mele mein koi kasar nahi chhodi thi achhe se achha maal laane mein.

Stage pe tha ek Another Vertigo Rush naamak orchestra jo humari tarah Dilli ke niwasi the. Bade hi jashan ke saath baja rahe the woh. Aur public ke toh hosh nahin the. Unhone ek gaana bajaaya tha uss din jo humein Waters saab ke sangeet se bhi zyaada pasand aaya. Gaane ka naam tha Phez II. Dekho, gaane ke bol toh humein samajh nahin aaye par bajaaya ek dum zabardast tha. Humein toh itna pasand aaya ki hum ghar jaake pitaji ko bole ki humein bhi waisa bajaana sikha do - par pitaji ne bitha diya joote ki dukaan pe. Khair, hum unki tarah ban toh nahin paye par woh gaana gungunate ruke nahin. Aaj bhi yaad aate hain woh din - woh gaanje ki badbu, bahaar lagi raidi ki masaaledar banta, aur uss senior ki beedi....

lekhak mahoday - Uday Kapur

Masaledar Mixtape

Udta Punjab

Iss mahiney Udte Punjab ki udaan barkarar rakhte huye, humne socha hum bhi ek aise Punjab ki jhalak aapko dikhaye jo aur kahin nai dekhne milegi. Punjabi rap ki kaafi maar pitayi ki hai filmo ne - par jo aap log Bollywood mein sunte hain woh toh Punjab ke music scene ka ek chota sa tukda hai. Popular opinion se vipreet, baby ko sirf bass nahi balki earnest aur meaningful rap bhi pasand hai.

Sikander Kahlon - Survival
Sikander Kahlon is projected as Punjabi rap’s next big star. Having recently signed for Manjh Musik - a Punjabi hip-hop label run by Manjeet Singh Rai, the lead singer from the massively popular Punjabi music group RDB. Although Kahlon’s most recent work features an aesthetic that’s geared towards satisfying the mainstream Punjabi audience - Survival (of his 2015 christmas mixtape) contained some of the best verses he’s written so far. With a gritty narrative that paints a vivid picture of Punjabi youth culture, Kahlon’s verses here are a fitting homage to Mobb Deep’s Survival of the Fittest - one of the American hip-hop duos most legendary records.

PAM - Karenga Aayi
This Phagwara-based MC / producer cooked up a storm on last year’s sleeper hit ‘Karenga Aayi’. PAM’s honed his craft as a producer for the past couple of years and his sound - reflective of the minimal, trap-based arrangements found in records released by the likes of Drake and J.Cole - draws massive influence from the work of Toronto-based Punjabi artists Noyz, B-Magic and Sikh Knowledge.

Prabh Deep - Kon Aa Mai / Kon Hai Tu
Prabh Deep is one of our favourite MCs to emerge over the past year. Gifted with a unique vocal texture - Prabh Deep is an extremely confident young MC that’s been relentlessly pushing his brand of conscious hip-hop. Check out these singles he dropped last year - and look out for his magnum opus debut album Class-Sikh that’s dropping this coming winter.

Kru 172 - Sunlo Gall
The Chandigarh-based MC/production duo have been around for some time, but it was their 2014 single ‘Sunlo Gall’ that really made them stand out of from the clutter of Punjabi hip-hop acts. They’ve even been called upon by Vishal Dadlani to feature alongside him on a couple of his live shows - and the future promises to take them onto a much bigger stage.

Zoo Babies - Dinka
This 7 member supergroup comprised some of the best Indian-origin MCs in Toronto. You may recognize some of them as having played small roles in videos by YouTube superstars Jus Reign and Superwoman - but these Punjabi munde also moonlight as the best Punjabi-rap supergroup you’ve never heard of.

Compiled and written by - Uday Kapur


Woh indie kalakaar jo kar gaye humein bekaraar

Rock 'n Roll is dead baby, as sad as that may be. Now we love electronic music and all, but there’s nothing like those raw sounds coming from the energy and sweat of the band-members firing up the stage, with them vocals that make you feel like the world is a better place just because this music exists. Imagine a voice like that in 2016, one that ushers you back to the 60s with a musical prowess that spans over 15 years. Check out the song ‘Sugar’ where Ranjit and the Ambassadors will compel you to groove and sing along.
Singing everything from blues-rock to Jazz-Folk, this man has toured around the world and plays with bands- Ranjit & The Ambassadors, Karsh Kale Collective and Midival Punditz to mention a few. Now add on top of ALL of this, those incredible good looks - Fangirl is melting jaise ki candle, thanks to the heat from all that suaveness and that amaaaziinnnggg voice! NYC mein kya rakha hai Ranjit, aa jao India!

Don’t forget to check out his own solo stint on soundcloud too -

Iss baar ki fangirling thodi si controlled aur short thi (haan ab isse kam baatein humse nahin hoti, plzzz) Gaane sunn kar jab dil machal jaayein, toh Raita failana matt bhulna!

Agar aapke koi dost struggling indie artist hai ya already-in-the-scene artist hai, humari unse pehchan karaiye! Aur agar aap khud fangirling karna chahte hai humare saath toh bhi humein bataiye. Hum aalsiyo ko ek push mil jayega taaki agla newsletter time par nikal jaayein. ;)

Feedback/suggestions aur pyar jatane ke liye email karein - hello@fangirl.in

Until next time, #swadeshisuno aur sunao \m/