Pehle maafi. Hum gaayab ho gaye the, kyunki we have been working on making something even more exciting possible for you this winter/year. (psst.. psst.. Fangirl Live) Iss saal ka humara resolution hai ki hum aap sabko music discovery, bakar aur experience ke naye level par kuch aise le jaayein ki humare ammi aur abbu ke aakhon mein paani aa jaye. Our team has been separated by the oceans now, aur ek dusre ke time zones coordinate karte karte sachh mein nani yaad aa gayi hai. Fangirl is a passion project, but it is more than just that. The whole team lives like an indie fangirl! Humein pataa hai aap bhi indie music ke deewane hai, so despite the long break we are here with the freshest picks from 2016 to help you welcome 2017 like a boss. Iss baar maahol wahin, bas packaging alag hogi. We’re trying a new format for the newsletter.

One band, one playlist, one indie idea ya toh ek billu bhaiya ka banarasi paan - each newsletter will now be pocket sized but packed with the same bakchodi and love. Monthly ki jagah weekly, and shorter but crisper. This week’s maalgadi is here!

Aao, Fangirling karein.

Sandunes-Downstream ke visually visfotak album art ka halka sa analysis

Aditi Kapur dwaara nirmit yeh ultra-chic album art is an eclectic montage of pictures of Sanaya (Sandunes) and things that are most dear to her. Kapur’s fondness for the album translates visually into this dreamy and quirky artwork, much like the music. Hum Sandunes ke bade fans toh they hi, ab Aditi ke art se bhi humein ishq ho gaya hai. Check out this *awesome* zine she made to get hired with Oranjuice. Resume ho toh aisaaaa!

We are totally digging this album art along with the trippy GIFs here. Our fav: rockpaperscissors Checkout more of Kapur’s kickass work here.

Newfound dope. Disco Puppet's Bunny. Checkit!

Disco Puppet urf Shoumik Biswas has sailed into the world of indie music by being the boss of making a melody out of sounds of everyday life. Humne pehli baar jab bunny suna, toh literally jo kar rahe the woh chhod kar full volume par song analysis karna shuru kar diya. Is it a cow? Is that a car horn? Whaaaaat is this music even! An old release by Disco Puppet but fangirl’s new discovery, yeh gaane se pyaar ki shuruat hui. Fir toh, staying true to our nature, Shoumik ke purey soundcloud page se obsessed ho gaye hum. He likes to sing in Bengali and English (uff!) aur apne album/music ka artwork bhi khud hi karte hai. Toto award vijetaa, mijaaz se shy, par stage par aag lagaa dene wale Biswas ne naya EP release kiya hai called Spring. Unke gang Consolidate ke albums ka detailed review next week milega, but for now indulge in the madness that is this song and this Bangalorean’s music. (Psst.. he is also the kadak drummer from Space Behind the Yellow Room naamak band, haan wahin jinko humne iss post-rock playlist mein feature kiya tha).

Kya hi talent matlab. Naa insaafi.

( winter doom mode activated )

Hum mein se do fangirls minus degree celsius wale pradesh jaa pohonchi hai. Cloudy AF doston, no leaves on the trees and cold wind+snow almost all time of the day. Suryadev ke darshan utne hi durlabh hai jitni 500 ki nayi note ;)
Thick of Things is the perfect companion for the depressing maahol outside (oh we love sad things so much, you don’t know!) Melancholic, pleasingly disturbing lyrics, introspective and dreamy-drunk vocals of Sidharth make this album perfect for listening to while cupping that mug with two cold hands in this sardi and looking out of that window into nowhere. Fangirl ke favorite tracks hai Life from the Outside, Distract me and Fatal to you. A very rare breed of bands in India jinhone album launch apni khud ki website se ki hai. We recommend listening to this alone, with a good pair of earphones and read the incredibly disorienting lyrics. It is a weird journey thru this one. Aakhon mein sitarein, behki chaal aur haath mein old monk ki botal wali fangirl ko imagine karein please.

Get the album here :
Caesars of the Green website :

Fangirl ho gaya live.

This e-zine started with three goofy kids who came together in undergrad to continue a legacy of our college called “My Kind Of Music,” where a music lover would hold a session to introduce their favorite music in the library of our school every week. You could organize it any way you like - genre, artist, mood, region, etc., the important thing was to have a room full of people sit down, get introduced to new music and listen/experience it with the group. (Thanks Vishal and Denny for this superrr ideaaa.)

Fangirl had decided to go live after the third edition. Isiliye lambaaa break! (haha kuch bhi bahaana denge ab hum, lol) We have some really exciting things rolling in Gujarat, but we began with My kind of indie sessions inspired from the above experience. The best part? It’s desi independent music only AND koi bhi kahin par bhi yeh session kar sakta hai. Jeeee haan! Aap bhi! Get in touch with us if you’d like to do one in your community/city/friends and we’d be happy to help!

For now enjoiiii this chillmax indie electronic playlist from our homeboi Nikunj Patel who did a “My Kind of Indie” session with us and some of our friends. Here’s a video of him blowing our minds with visuals that were tailor made for each song on the playlist. None of the fangirls wanted it to end!

Aur haan, Fangirl is successfully live now! We had to push our lazy asses to wake up early everyday.. ammi khush hai ab iss baat se par of course career choice se khush nahin hai. T_T So if you want to follow our live harkatein, follow our page and spread the word. Filhaal shuruat Gujarat se ki hai, par yeh swadeshi fangirl movement auurrr badddiiiiii hoti rahe, inshaallah! <3

This newsletter is a small attempt to spread the magic of indian indie music with the world. If you liked our goofy bakar and happen to know a behtareen indie band you’d like us to cover, toh humein khat zaroor likhein -
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